August 22, 2022

Exceptional EV performance and cost improvements with this new generation of GaN Power Electronics

Exceptional EV performance and cost improvements with this new generation of GaN Power Electronics

Nuertingen, Germany, Ness Ziona, Israel, August 11, 2022.

hofer powertrain lays the foundation for the next generation of electric vehicle drivetrains. The German powertrain expert hofer powertrain opts for the most future-proof chip technologies and realizes new multilevel power electronics with the latest Gallium Nitride chip technology D3GaN (Direct DriveD-Mode), provided by the leader in Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology for the automotive field, VisIC Technologies Ltd. The efficiency and power density of the new solution exceed the capabilities of silicon-based solutions – recent tests are proving successful.

Gallium Nitride semiconductors are key to efficiency improvements, increasing the driving range and lifetime of electrified vehicles. hofer powertrain and VisIC Technologies Ltd. aim to develop Gallium Nitride-based power inverters for electric vehicles, achieving a major breakthrough of Gallium Nitride technology for 800V battery systems in the automotive industry.

“We are proud to have reached the next step in developing efficient GaN-based, high-frequency inverters for 800V automotive applications,” says Lukasz Roslaniec, Electronics Expert at hofer powertrain.

Based on the guiding principle "develop fast and learn fast," the company focuses on reality-based development secured by successful customer projects, which allow early benchmarking. It accelerates the design and testing processes and helps to ensure rapid further development.

The latest Gallium Nitride chip technology
“hofer powertrain´s development paves the way for a breakthrough in GaN inverter performance, which is superior to Silicon and Silicon Carbide-based designs for high efficiency,” says IliaBunin, Senior Product Manager & Technical Expert at VisIC Technologies.

The system is about to undergo a series of tests in real-world conditions and is believed to exceed expectations, leading to higher efficiency of the entire automotive powertrain.

About hofer powertrain

hofer powertrain is a system supplier, engineering, and technology partner for efficient powertrain solutions covering all classes of electrified vehicles.The company's primary goal is to increase the efficiency of e-mobility with future-oriented solutions. This goal is achieved through unique, in-depth knowledge of the complete powertrain system, including software, functions, and vehicle integration from pre-development to SOP and beyond. This holistic powertrain expertise is represented worldwide by expert teams in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

About VisIC Technologies

VisIC Technologies is a world leader in GaN electronics for EV applications, focused on high-power automotive solutions. Its efficient and scalable products are based on deep technological knowledge of Gallium-Nitride and decades of experience. VisIC is committed to providing a step function improvement in terms of size and cost of energy conversion systems and is dedicated to high-quality customer support at all development phases. VisIC offers high power transistor products based upon compound semiconductor Gallium Nitride (GaN) material aiming to provide products for cost-effective and high-performance automotive inverter systems.

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