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Hybrid Drive Unit

Maximum efficiency through combination of electric motors and combustion engines – we offer solutions for all performance classes, architectures, and configurations
The world of mobility is undergoing a fundamental change, and the number of technical possibilities is multiplying fast, bringing new complexities in the powertrain designs. New standards and statutory regulations require solutions to optimise fuel consumption, ensure noise reduction and enhance performance of vehicles. We manage complexity and offer hybrid solutions and services, setting new standards for efficiency optimisation and driving dynamics.
Highly compact hybrid solutions for limited installation space

We use the available installation space in a highly efficient manner. hofer powertrain holds unprecedented system competence, allowing our engineers to merge components so that optimal synergies arise.

Hybrid solutions tailored to individual specifications

The world of hybrid drives offers new possibilities and functions for mobility products. Based on decades of experience, we offer individualised outcomes and solutions for hybrid powertrains to realise any application of your preference.

Thermal & functional integration of entire hybrid systems and single components

We optimise not only the main systems, but also all components within these systems as there are many opportunities in thermal and functional interactions. Efficiency maximisation can be achieved in different areas, for example, when we use the engine's excessive heat to warm up the gearbox. Furthermore, combined water or oil households can reduce interfaces management. Additionally to the thermal systems also combined lubrication shows symbiotic effects, increasing the lifecycles and minimising losses. On top of that, eliminating error sources by reducing the number of interfaces helps reduce costs and save space, making the solutions highly compact.

Developments for all performance classes, configurations, and architectures

Our expertise extends from micro, mild, full and plug in hybrids, realising different solutions and their functions. Depending on the application, the position of the electrical support in the drive system can vary. Our experts design to meet your requirements and integrate the electrical machine at the correct position according to the ideal architecture, covering all possible architectures(P0-P4 and more), performance classes and configuration possibilities.




Hybrid Drive Unit

For all our systems we can offer you specific products as well as development & engineering services from pre-development to SOP & beyond.



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