System Area

Mechatronics & Actuation

Striving for more compact, faster, lighter and cost-optimised mechatronics solutions
We grasp the advancements of the global market to drive our technology at the same accelerated speed. Our system area of mechatronics offers more than hydraulic and electronic controls; also, innovative actuator solutions boost our customers' energy efficiency and performance.
Development of actuation systems in automatic and hybrid transmissions, including gear and pump development
On demand system development and integration for maximum compactness of all units, lower number of parts, leading to speed, weight, cost and overall efficiency optimisation

We are continually developing and optimising mechatronics solutions, aiming for extreme compactness, speed, lightweight and cost optimisation. To successfully master this progress, a targeted skillful merging of all essential components is crucial. We integrate single modules, eliminating subsystem borders and integration issues. Our mechatronics experts do this by combining many sub-functions.

Precise system configuration using computer-based calculations and simulations, including system benchmarking and comparison of different functions

To meet ever-increasing demands for the precision of mechatronic solutions, the functions of individual actuators become more diverse, and thus the actuators become increasingly multi-layered. Many years of experience in the calculation, design, and testing of hydraulic components, particularly in valve development, deploying of 1D and 3D simulation tools, enable us to provide you with the most efficient mechatronics solutions. We determine the correlation of software and hardware early on in the development process, minimising possible deviations and unnecessary interface management.

Development and installation of hydraulic control units

From engaging and disengaging synchronisers, to changing pulley positions, open and close clutches, brakes and dog clutches for manual transmissions,AT and hybrid systems of all kinds

Actuation development for hybrid powertrains

Electromechanical, electrohydraulic, electrical pump actuations – speed or solenoid controlled –, electrohydraulic and master-slave-cylinder actuation, including gear selection and engagement

Thermal management and cooling on demand

We deploy active and load dependent oil cooling and heating, rotor cooling, oil filtration, active lubrication to get the most energy efficient results




Mechatronics & Actuation

For all our systems we can offer you specific products as well as development & engineering services from pre-development to SOP & beyond.



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