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Centralization battery technology for maximum safety, efficiency and simplicity in systems, providing a smooth conversion of VCU to BMS
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cost at battery level
installation space savings
function centralization
features for all HV batteries
Reaching beyond safety standards
It is an optimized battery communication centralization solution that not only meets all global safety standards but also significantly increases safety and efficiency in the system in comparison to any existing solutions on the market. This new safety dimension in the high-voltage range is reached through outsourced and separated high-voltage lines, which allows highly reliable early detection of thermal instability of any kind.
Component and interfaces reduction with advanced architecture
Functions and control units, which previously could not be centralized or only with increased effort and risk, to be bundled into one system, reducing the number of components and interfaces required for system communication to drive a vehicle, which improves vehicle´s performance, reduces engineering efforts and design loops.
Maximum cost-efficiency compared to benchmark
By using the iBDU, automakers and Tier 1 suppliers can significantly reduce their development effort, material costs (BOM), and the number of required overall components – cost savings promise up to 30% at the BDU level and space savings of up to 40% are possible despite additional integrated safety technology.
Application Areas
Motorsport vehicles
Transportation vehicles
Passenger vehicles
iBDU benefits
  • Failsafe unit - developed for automotive battery systems
  • Efficiency increase- centralised control units and functions
  • Highest safety standards - Out of the box ASIL
  • EDU-centralization - sustainable reduction of interfaces and therefor interaction with suppliers
  • Economical benefits - at the overall powertrain level
  • Industrialization - multi-pack system > 1000 V
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