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Electric Drive Unit

A highly compact solution integrating all modules in one housing, easily adaptable to your application needs, covers a wide range of performance levels
Innovation through integration – whether it is a partly or fully integrated solution, great potential for synergies can be unlocked in many areas and used effectively in a targeted manner.
Developing and testing the components in tandem for an early optimisation of the entire system

We take the compatibility of the individual components into account already in the concept and design phases, which reduces development times and system interfaces and allows us to utilise the installation space in the best possible way. Unwanted NVH effects, which can arise from the late merging of components developed separately, can be prevented. With an intelligent concept, hofer powertrain engineers can manage the heat effectively to reduce the required cooling to a minimum.

Requirement-oriented structural designs of the e-machine for a perfect fit into your overall system

Although electric machines have been used extensively for decades, today's automotive industry faces a whole new set of challenges from an efficiency, performance and durability standpoints. A synchronous or asynchronous electric machine? We determine the ideal drive technology for your application based on the intended load profile and the efficiency parameters. Depending on the requirements and the available installation space, different designs come into play, i.e., flat and compact motors as individual wheel hub drives or high-performance motors combined with a transfer case.

Conventional stepped transmission or versatile adjusted solutions

In our electric drive units, the transmissions are simple, very compact and lightweight. Torque increase and the reduction of rounds per minute pose main objectives along with our customers' application-specific demands. We adapt the gearbox perfectly to the respective specifications and examine aspects such as planetary or parallel axis gears, drive and regen torque directions, launch clutch, and immobiliser.

Multifunctional sophisticated power electronics as key to the efficient operation of electrical machines in EDUs

Advanced switching strategies and highly developed thermal management allow us to provide our customers with a compact design, safely handling high voltages and currents along with vehicle-specific functions. A modular and expandable design allows the interconnection of several electronic devices and adjustment of functionalities. As a result, individual requirements can be implemented at short notice.




Electric Drive Unit

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