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We at hofer powertrain created the ULTEVATE platform to accelerate electric vehicle projects by offering a highly efficient and reliable electrified powertrain base.


the platform

Our modular electric powertrain platform is made up of multiple types of electric drive units and battery solutions, carefully configured to match the requirements of individual vehicle projects - including system integration and application.

Time & Cost Efficient
Highly optimized system utilizing latest technologies
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Highly Flexible
Wide bandwidth of layouts, architectures, cell chemistries
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From a Single Source
Complete in-house development ready for vehicle integration, testing and more
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Including Software
Powertrain software and vehicle application for safety and vehicle dynamics
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Superior Torque Vectoring solutions create your brand-specific driving experience and dynamics, combining two independent e-motors in one housing for high performance and handling

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High-power Electric Drive with innovative electronics, control software and some outstanding e-machine designs, which exceeds the power and torque densities available. Known for maximum integration within one housing they are designed to fit easily into a broad variety of applications

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Automotive concepts are rapidly changing, revealing new possibilities, and exploring ways to advance autonomous driving. This autonomous-ready Electric Drive Unit with extremely long operating lifetime is a platform that enables faster roll-out, bringing different mobility applications up to speed with the focus on more security and reliability during operations

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