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High-Voltage Booster

makes 800V+ powertrain systems compatible with 400V charging infrastructure
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Lowest costs of all existing solutions
Lowest installation effort by integrating into existing EDUs
Lowest package size and weight
Flexible drivetrain power levels with the ULTEVATE EDU
Introduce 800 V EV systems without infrastructure barriers
While the infrastructure for electric vehicles is mostly limited to 400 V DC charging, the HV+ powertrain systems are on the rise. Our technology allows an easy transition toward high-power EVs.
Lower overall implementation & production costs
The integrated solution proved to reduce costs for the overall solution compared to other options on the global market by up to 30%, reducing additional on-costs in mass production.
Highest power scalability with the platform approach
The flexible system is engineered to meet even the most advanced performance needs of any customer – from mid-range to high-power applications in hypercars.
Application Areas
High-performance & endurance racing cars
Unprecedented lightness of vehicles paired with limitless charging and increased range
Passenger vehicles
Everyday driving with full confidence of charging being available just like fueling
Trucks & buses
800 V architecture single and double-deck buses or light and heavy-duty trucks can be charged everywhere for optimal short & long-term operations

How is the function realized within the drive system?

  1. During the charging mode: Using a high input voltage (800 V DC) compatible inverter with the operating range between 550 V DC and 900 V DC a direct charging to the battery can be guaranteed. The EDU for enabling booster function is using motor as inductance, inverter switches as a power electronics stage and additional 400 V DC filter and junction box to form a link between 400 v charging station and 800 V battery system.
  2. During the driving mode, inverter drives the motor in DC/AC mode. The 3-L inverter topology allows 800 V with additionally minimized switching losses and maximum ASM efficiency.
  3. The booster function allows 150 kW charging even if the Electric Drive Unit ist rated for 120 kW continuous power.

Advantages of our HV Booster
  • Environmental friendly with less power electronics material utilization as it is done in current solutions
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle connections are possible with this technology
  • Reduction of the cost compared to the state of the art designs
  • Smaller overall packaging for maximum design flexibility
  • Easy integration into the vehicle – only one instead of two devices
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