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To efficiently transfer energy into forward movement with full power
Every powertrain needs a transmission to bring vehicles, from the smallest city vehicle to the top speed sports car, in motion. From high quality off-the-shelf modules to individual new developments or amendments to your existing solutions, hofer powertrain has the right expertise to provide you the most efficient transmission for your needs.
Application areas: electric, hybrid, and combustion vehicles

Our transmission portfolio offers ideal fits for all different powertrain types according to specific application purposes: electric, hybrid, and combustion powertrains.

For electric vehicle transmissions, our goal is high durability, compact design, and NVH excellence. For hybridisation purposes, different transmission designs and functions, pushing performance, space efficiency, and energy management to new dimensions, can be provided. Simultaneously, in contrast, outstanding gear quality and intelligent solutions, such as optimised dry-sump lubrication, allow efficiency in standard combustion vehicles.

A wide range of development engineering services:

From calculations, simulation & design through real-time calibration and validation to seamless integration into the complete system or adaptation of existing transmission, we cover all your development needs up to production and beyond.

The long-standing know-how and experience ensure the best performance under load, optimal fuel economy, and excellent driving behavior by holistically considering the complete system.

Possible topics to touch upon:

  • Model-based solution development
  • Axle drive, all-wheel/lock technology
  • We enable any driving behavior by simulating engine, gearbox, and control as a combined system

High quality single components or fully integrated complete systems

According to your requirements, from high-quality, cost-efficient single modules to fully integrated subsystems, our customers get what they need, both off-the-shelve solutions thoroughly tested and ready to be implemented or highly tailored solutions. hofer powertrain provides perfectly coordinated gearshift and transmission systems from one hand. All transmissions are compact in design, and the various gearboxes cater to any driving situation.





For all our systems we can offer you specific products as well as development & engineering services from pre-development to SOP & beyond.



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