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Functions & Software

Strong software development expertise and tools improving the efficiency, reliability and functional safety of automotive applications
The major driver for functional safety and innovation on our roads, software development is in a constant state of improvement. The communication and computation design in recent vehicle models require a great amount of expertise, seeing as software development processes are at the heart of the ability to develop and deliver high-quality software for modern, complex powertrain control systems.
System development

System engineering includes the definition, development and testing of the powertrain control system. Starting with requirements collection for the overall system, the sensors, the control unit and the actuator components, individual solutions can be developed and realised to perfectly fit and operate together. This makes it easier to incorporate the control into the overall control unit network within the vehicle.

Function and software development

Model-based function and software development relies on our proven development tools such as Matlab / Simulink and the C-code generator tools such as dSPACE and Mathworks. Based on the defined requirements, the control software is developed, tested and integrated into the control unit, using a computer model to simulate its functionalities and behaviour. In the implementation of the functionality, we pay a tremendous amount of attention to an accurate physical representation to minimise software calibration efforts. Automotive-SPICE, a proven process in the automotive sector, presents the perfect basis for the development of our high-quality software and safety-critical functions.

Testing and analysis of function and software for exceptional functional safety

Detailed in-house developed simulation models for powertrains and whole vehicles help us to perform analysis of functions and software, purely in virtual simulation. The entire test chain of model-in-loop, software-in-loop and hardware-in-loop is completed before validation and calibration begin on the component and system test benches and on board of our customers' cars. Today, functional safety is a recognised standard in the automotive industry and at hofer powertrain for developing safety-critical E/E systems per ISO26262. We support you with hazard and risk analyses, creation of functional and technical safety concepts, and development of safety-critical software.

Final calibration and validation to fine-tune all systems to the vehicle

The powertrain control software must be adapted to the specifications of the hardware, sensors, actuators and the entire vehicle, followed by validation to ensure correct operation and functionality. Proven measurement and configuration tools are used on test rigs and in the actual car to ensure effective final calibration and validation.




Functions & Software

For all our systems we can offer you specific products as well as development & engineering services from pre-development to SOP & beyond.



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