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Welcome to our ELECTRIFICATION WEEKS, inspired by the emerging demand for faster mass adaptation and sustainable mobility targets. In the following weeks, our experts will be giving key insights into electrification of automotive industry, highlighting operational challenges and successes of suppliers and revealing how we implement these into our products and technologies. Technical articles, product presentations, expert interviews and more.

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hofer powertrain gives insights into electro-mobility and key learnings from the current and upcoming automotive industry transformation. They explain different types of electrified vehicles and highlight crucial criteria when choosing the most effective drive solution.

Electric Drive Units

New vehicle models rely on efficient electric drive solutions. We explain what EDUs are and why they have been attractive to many OEMs, presenting the most exciting solutions. Additionally, experts share their key learnings in developing EDUs and touch upon new technologies such as high voltage 800V inverters, explaining their role in electrification attempts.

Hybrid Drive

Hybrid systems evolve fast, representing a blend of conventional and electric elements and combining power and efficiency in one powertrain design. We explore numerous systems within the hybrid powertrain spectrum that allow different lengths of purely electric operations and show how stored energy can be used on demand, providing support in certain driving situations. Find various architectures and options for hybridisation and individual applications.

Electric Powertrain System

Current storage technologies have not yet reached the end of development. Experts at hofer powertrain define limits to energy densities of battery solutions and forecast what can be expected from succeeding generations, touching upon topics such as profound technology change at the cell level and new developments of more powerful batteries.

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System Integration
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Software for Electrified Powertrains
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We'll be sending you updates as soon as new content regarding our electrification weeks 2021 goes online.

Be the first to learn about our electrification week updates!

We'll be sending you updates as soon as new content regarding our electrification weeks 2021 goes online.

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Wolfgang STEPHAN
CTO hofer powertrain
hofer ULTEVATE Battery solutions

Our engineers test and develop battery solutions for our customers. We’ve made it our goal to bring to market the next generation of battery solutions and support our customers with our latest technology. With this, we make our claim on the status of innovation leader.

Stay tuned for “hofer powertrain ULTEVATE” – the result of our consistent work and THE platform for innovative battery solutions by the system supplier hofer powertrain.

A special thanks go out to our coworkers and colleagues for their target-oriented work and innovative abilities, which have made this result possible.

We would also like to thank you for your interest in our solutions and your support in our endeavour as the system supplier of efficient powertrain solutions.

As the chief technical officer of hofer powertrain it is my pride and honor to present to you the results of our work on battery solutions.

On the future of battery solutions

Read about our view on the use of current battery solutions and technology and about our development approach as well as an outlook into the future of the battery inside the powertrain

vehicle car battery expertise hofer powertrain
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discover our battery weeks

Platform based and tailor made solutions for you specific battery needs. Our powerful battery packs are developed specifically towards your project. Highly integrated they are your one-stop-solution for a whole lot of different applications

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With our expertise in the entire powertrain field we not only can develop & produce your battery solution but everything around it with a holistic approach.