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Cutting-edge e-machines adaptable to various full-electric or hybrid applications: design and development accompanied by ongoing testing and optimisation
In pursuit of the most optimal e-machine design and optimal performance of the mechanical and electrical systems, a number of different parameters and scenarios must be considered to make intelligent decisions and reach envisaged outcomes. Multiphysical challenges, costs and time pressure often determine the development of electric motors. We help you tackle these challenges and achieve your goals.
New state-of-the-art e-machine developments, from benchmarking and technical characterisation to the unique final drive solution

We determine the ideal drive technology for your application based on the desired load profile and the efficiency maps according to your vehicle type and application purpose. From performance and installation space requirements to basic and following refined designs, hofer powertrain develops highly customised design solutions that fit exactly into our customers' vehicle concepts.

Wide breadth of safe and easy to control off-the-shelf solutions for various needs and modification of existing e-machine designs for new applications

Our developed and tested solutions from the standard segment are highly compact and fit into many existing systems. Easily adaptable to many solutions, they provide room for changes and expansions in functionality, power output and size. The high level of expertise in the development of inverter systems and complete systems makes all our systems safe and easy to control. Consequently, a bridge between customer applications and interfaces and our own electronics or our customers' electronics can be made quickly.

Model-based and simulation-based design for more robustness, maximum longevity and foresighted, resource-efficient development

Incorporating various simulations into the development steps accounts for the dynamic interplay of all components at the detail and scaled up levels. Together with and for our customers, we determine the most optimal parameters to prepare their solutions for desired operations in the best possible way.

Competitive solutions through ongoing analysis, testing and validation – time-efficient optimisation throughout the entire development process

Every prototype step is followed by a series of measurements and tests, feeding the results back into the optimisation of the design. Calculation- and analysis-driven development of complex systems leads to maximum space-efficiency and optimised time-to-market.

Best in class cooling strategies, ideal power and torque densities and technology/material selection support

We understand the thermodynamics of the machinery and develop cooling strategies, considering flow rates of the coolant, internal, environmental, magnetic and winding temperatures, reducing heat loss in electric motors. Our structural mechanics and electrical experts keep an eye on the interconnections between all components, ensuring efficiency while meeting the needs for higher voltages and rotational speeds, as well as raised power and torque densities. We utilise technologies and materials able to maintain electrical and mechanical properties and easily withstand any stresses.

Easy integration and successful industrialisation with the system-based approach

We look beyond traditional component-oriented engineering, building all sub-systems with the complexity of the overall system in mind. As early as from the first development stages, many aspects are carefully considered and weighed up in line with the requirements, taking into account the aimed performance output, materials selection, underlying cost factors, and series production potentials to implement the most effective solutions in a short time. We adapt manufacturing protocols and choose designs to make your desired quantities possible.





For all our systems we can offer you specific products as well as development & engineering services from pre-development to SOP & beyond.



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