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Electronics / Power Electronics

A vital component which ensures efficient conversion, control and conditioning – low-power ECUs, power electronics and smart electronics platforms
Electronics play a central role in the electrified and hybrid powertrain and especially power electronics is rapidly gaining in popularity. This solid-state controller help handling the flow of bulk power to the motor input terminals from the source. We use advanced technologies and offer certified high-end solutions meeting the highest automotive standards, such as Autosar or ASIL-D for precise control and maximum safety.
Most efficient control units with different power input and output for special applications

Due to many successful development and manufacturing projects with OEM's and Tier1 companies, hofer powertrain knows the latest technological market requirements. We use our in-house expertise to build power conversion systems of different classifications according to your required type of input and output power. Our engineers combine all single components into one unit, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Intelligent cost-effective power electronics platform from hofer powertrain – competitive compactness, maximum functional safety and short times to market

Our production optimised power electronics platform, offering full function in the smallest package, helps create synergies to develop power electronics with different performance, keep development costs low and allows optimised time to market. Using software FAILSAFE techniques for all safety-critical automotive applications, we ensure functional safety alongside highly customisable functions.

Holistic electronics development: from ideation and concept phase through prototype development to final approval

We develop, utilising a seamless approach, starting from the concept phase through prototype development using rapid prototyping capabilities to the final release. Our main aims include avoiding ignition and flame propagation, preventing short circuits, optimising thermal management and reducing packaging size and weight.  

Analysis and error prevention early in all our development processes

We measure success against requirements through holistic testing. Commissioning, integration and numerous system tests contribute to the results of the projects. Critical factors considered include environmental impacts, electromagnetic tolerance (EMT), and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). With the consistent analysis in our concept development and design processes, we proactively prevent errors and bugs instead of fixing them later. From requirements assessment to the final design, this principle is our norm.

High maturity prototype development allowing successful industrialisation

To realise concepts and successfully bring them to the street, we deliver mature prototypes and cover all development services from first concept and design to component and supplier sourcing. Our support stretches further to sample design management, assembly of modules and change management.




Electronics / Power Electronics

For all our systems we can offer you specific products as well as development & engineering services from pre-development to SOP & beyond.



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