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HV Multi-Level Inverter

Advanced technology for more accessible and safer EVs with benchmark EV efficiency
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Increased life cycle of the system
15% lower energy consumption for standard driving cycle
Semiconductor flexibility and readiness for IGBT/SiC/GaN (800 V+)
Technology leadership with 5 years of development progress
For highest system efficiency
Designed for 800V-capable drive systems, the new power electronics sets the bar high in terms of efficiency and performance
Quieter, more smooth EV driving experience
Measurements have shown that the noise level is reduced by 25%, leading to better NVH behavior and less unwanted vibrations and acoustic disturbances in the entire system
Smaller e-drive systems with lower cost
This technology offers significantly better switching speeds and allows to realize smaller and lighter package sizes, thus reducing total system costs
Future technology know-how for wideband gap semiconductors
Strong technology understanding with 5 years ahead of the market in active development, tests and application
Application Areas
Commercial vehicles (CVs)
Reduced TCO to meet the growing needs for efficient and economical electric trucks and light commercial vehicles
Motorsport vehicles
Powerful acceleration – delivering more energy to the road with the lowest weight
Unforgettable driving experience with lighter e-solutions
More e-power, smaller components for efficient hovering, vertical takeoff and landing, resulting in increased flight range

2-level vs. 3-level inverter topology

The state-of-the-art automotive inverter is 2-level topology inverter. It controls the voltage waveform of the output with 3 electric potentials of phase-to-phase voltage while our new 3-level inverter has 5 different electric potentials. The output waveform of the 3-level inverter is closer to a sinusoidal curve, resulting in a reduction of harmonic losses in the e-motor and improved NVH characteristics. With this topology, we achieve switching loss reduction and reduce the stress for the motor insulation over its lifetime.

Market-ready GaN semiconductor Inverters for high-frequency applications

Pushing the efficiency limits with 3-Level 800 V GaN inverter, hofer powertrain brings a vast expertise in developing inverters utilizing future-proof technologies such as GaN semiconductors and achieves outstanding results specifically for high-power and high-frequency powertrain applications for various modern vehicle types. At the same time, other chip technologies still can be relevant for specific application areas – the inverter is developed to function utilizing all 3 semiconductor technologies depending on individual needs.

Optimized bearing current behavior, EMC and costs

With reduced excitation of common mode voltage on the shaft comes along reduced bearing currents and therefore optimized EMC characteristics and reduction of costly countermeasures.

  • Perfect for high voltage applications, characterized by a reduction in losses with increasing switching frequency
  • High overall e-motor efficiency through Optimized Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
  • Technology independence - designed to be compatible with all semiconductor technologies
  • Great potential for e-drive system optimization
  • Further cost benefits through the downsizing of the design
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