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Battery & Energy Storage Solutions

From the high-precision electrical and thermal characterisation of components, hardware and software development and testing to the final in-vehicle integration
Advanced energy storage systems are pivotal to the success of tomorrow's mobility concepts. In order to ensure performance and cost efficiency of the entire drive train, also perfect interconnection of all individual components with the right energy storage system, depending on packaging space and weight is essential.
Off-the-shelf battery solutions ready for implementation into your vehicle concept

For effective recuperation or long driving ranges, we offer storage solutions based on different cell chemistries and cell formats for electric-only, plug-in and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

Solutions made to meet your special individual requirements

We are flexible when it comes to selecting the right cell technology to comply with all performance targets. Depending on the installation space and electrical requirements, we choose the most suitable cell type, irrespective of whether it is round, pouch or prismatic cell, to design the packaging optimally.

High-voltage storage systems – ranges make a big difference

Allowing rapid battery charging and longer lifetimes increases the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. To utilise the cells to their total capacity without reducing their durability simultaneously, we bring our extensive experience in thermal management into play. Furthermore, a sophisticated battery management system allows the monitoring of temperatures, voltages as well as charging and discharging processes, if necessary.

All-round battery development and testing expertise

Our development competencies cover the entire automotive development process at all component and system levels:

  • Requirement assessment and management
  • System and architecture design for battery applications in the overall drivetrain
  • High-precision electrical and thermal characterisation of components
  • Electrical and thermal modelling, simulation and optimisation of all active materials, at the cell, the module and the battery levels, including the end-to-end thermal systems
  • BMS hardware and software development
  • Test and verification of all components
  • Exhaustive integration of systems ranging from individual batteries to whole powertrains
  • Calibration and comprehensive overall system tests leading to approvals




Battery & Energy Storage Solutions

For all our systems we can offer you specific products as well as development & engineering services from pre-development to SOP & beyond.



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