August 22, 2022

Future-proof modular Electric Drive Units featuring new-gen high-voltage capable technologies

As e-mobility gains speed, model variety and the race for the best solutions also increase. To reach an even higher level of acceptance from end-consumers and drivers around the world, a few challenges are yet to be addressed to make e-cars most comfortable and practical, just as internal combustion engine cars once were and in many cases still are. With our proactive engineering approach, continuous technological updates, and modular designs, hofer powertrain helps automotive customers tackle some of the most crucial powertrain issues and stay ahead of time with fewer resources, less effort, and less time.
Future-proof modular Electric Drive Units featuring new-gen high-voltage capable technologies

Platform-based Electric Drive Units

design faster, scale better with a single proven platform

Working with a platform-based approach brings strong results faster, cheaper and allows to adopt new technologies, materials, or extra features, catering to the ever-changing needs of the e-mobility world where innovation and high maturity of solutions are key.

“Modular approach allowed us to build, simulate, test, and verify our new ULTEVATE EDU solutions which are truly innovative for high-voltage e-mobility, fitting a wide requirement range from low-cost systems to high-performance”, Philipp MATT, division leader systems at hofer powertrain.

ULTEVATE EDU platform allows a multitude of configurations. With two of our latest Electric Drive Units, we aimed to create new benefits for various vehicle classes and types and are proud to present our flexible and scalable designs for high-voltage e-powertrains. The solutions are able to fit individual visions featuring different technologies, covering a broad power spectrum depending on individual power and performance requirements. Shown below is our 800Vbridge EDU with an added booster function. This solution is also available as a  package-optimized system or a highly compact EDU solution without a booster function ULTEVATE 800Vcp EDU.

xray view of electric drive unit

ULTEVATE 800Vcp EDU (without 800Vbridge) –

Sustainability and ASM electric drive pushing for PSM performance with litz wire winding and outstanding continuous power in one compact housing 

Combining multiple platform-based efficient sub-systems and new proven high-voltage technologies hofer powertrain aims to deliver solutions that OEMs and TIER1 suppliers will benefit from the most. To stay ahead of time, we have been working to prove that technology is working and not only meets but exceeds expectations pushing the limits of current e-motors beyond possible, therefore bringing the overall performance to its maximum without power and energy density losses. In this light, we bring our unique platform-based solution to the market in a cost and performance-optimized, scalable to various customers’ needs and sustainableElectric Drive Unit – ULTEVATE 800Vcp EDU. Further optimizations of the packaging and size according to the target dimensions are our priority and the main goal for our customer projects. The new technology building blocks mentioned in our last article are concentrated in this new 800V EDU with a scalable integrated induction machine, bringing high power ratings into the vehicles. 3-Level Inverter delivers optimized current output, control, quality, and best-in-class performance and the litz wire technology allows up to 25% less power loss in the e-motor as well as e-motor mass reduction up to 25% and pushes for maximized current density. Numerous tests on EMC performance, continuous power, NVH on the system level, thermal shock, vibration, durability including efficiency map measurements among others, were conducted to verify the overall efficiency and prove the functions of all new technologies in the complete system.

ULTEVATE 800Vbridge EDU –

Extension of our efficient EDU platform for 400V DC charging compatibility of 800V vehicles

This solution is based on the same platform, which incorporates all new technology building blocks mentioned in our last article, but additionally closes the gap between 800V capable drive systems and limiting400V charging capability by integrating the booster function into this platform-basedEDU. 

To bring high-voltage cars into mass adaption and achieve this compatibility and simultaneously avoid costly installations (especially in mass production) of the known today additional DC / DC converters which boost 400V to 800V, our hofer powertrain booster technology and an in-house developed architecture allow such compatibility and rapid charging using a combination of inverter and motor, involving minimal effort, and providing maximum cost efficiency. Additionally, e-mobility market aims to minimize the ratio gap between peak performance and continuous performance, and this solution allows precisely that. Current focus of the development team lies on maximum weight reduction and optimization of the overall package size.

Check out our ULTEVATE Platform and other EDUs from this product line. Each EDU has its special application highlight.


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