April 6, 2022

Our E-Mobility Competence Center within hofer powertrain moves into a new home in Estenfeld, near Würzburg / Bavaria

On March 12th, two weeks before the planned move-in date, the new building was successfully handed over and the relocation is running at full speed. Full operations start here on April 1.
Our E-Mobility Competence Center within hofer powertrain moves into a new home in Estenfeld, near Würzburg / Bavaria

“From now on, the new facilities will further empower our development, testing and industrialization teams to work seamlessly together and create even more efficient electric drive solutions”, said Volker HARTMANN, when asked about the motivation behind this project.  

The team of outstanding e-mobility experts concentrates on activities related to the design, development and qualification of electric vehicle drives for flexible use in cross-sector customer applications.

Already since the beginning of the 90s, our e-mobility experts, situated in Würzburg / Bavaria, have been working on the electrification and hybridization of vehicles and similar related topics. Today, the expansion of our Würzburg location marks yet another important milestone of our consistent growth strategy at hofer powertrain, which is based on our long-standing expertise and our commitment to sustainability and a long-term regional footprint.

Our e-mobility experts in Würzburg

In recent years, decisions and projects of mobility providers have been strongly influenced by sustainability goals and many policy agendas have established these as an important milestone. In this light, we are proud to say, sustainable and efficient mobility lies at the heart of everything we do. We are firmly committed and see hofer powertrain experts as an essential part of the transition towards it – Würzburg E-Mobility Competence Center expands and strengthens our knowledge spectrum and binds the right expertise in one place.

As pioneers of powertrain electrification, hofer powertrain continuously sets the standards aligned with the industry and regulatory demands and aims to meet our customers and ever-changing market needs. Our technological achievements in electric drive units and hybrid powertrain solutions accelerate the OEM developments around the world.

“An increased focus in the upcoming years will lie on industrialization and product qualification”, says Marco FALCO. This step improves the overall system competence of the entire hofer powertrain family even further.

Let´s join forces to create an impact on sustainable mobility! Stay up to date on our upcoming technologies, projects and firsthand in-house news, sign up or visit us on www.hofer.de to stay tuned.  


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