February 8, 2021

Why dual clutch transmissions are becoming increasingly important in emerging markets

In the last decades, a wide range of new transmission variants entered the global market. However, the priorities of the various technologies, such as dual-clutch transmissions, vary enormously depending on the market.
Why dual clutch transmissions are becoming increasingly important in emerging markets

A dual-clutch transmission, or DCT in short, behaves like an automatic transmission and allows shifting without torque interruption. It is an automatically operated gearbox – achieved by using two clutches and no torque converter unlike fully automatic transmissions, which have higher drag torque since automatic systems have 3-5 clutches and brakes.

“In Europe, DCTs allow for semi-automated driving, along with ATs, and fit all types of vehicles, especially FWD, SUVs and sports cars. In emerging markets, DCTs can help driving more comfortably and safely in crowded cities by switching from manual to automatic driving and enabling hybridization. Furthermore, substantial advantages of DCT systems can reach from higher fuel economy and less manufacturing complexity to overall better efficiency than an automatic transmission”, expert for shifting hydraulics, Günter EBINGER points out when talking about challenges and opportunities for DCT in different markets.

In Asian and South American markets, experts see a high potential for this technology. For example, India may benefit from introducing DCTs as an interim step, moving towards lower emissions in preparation for the future. During the last decade, we witnessed a rapidly increasing trend towards automation in China. Here, new laws and regulations introduced market restrictions for powertrains with high emissions and low fuel efficiency, affecting vehicles with manual transmissions (MTs) and low-end ICE powertrains. Simultaneously, the governments promise more subsidies and funding for hybrid solutions in the coming years, creating an excellent opportunity to shift to electrified DCTs.  

“We are pleased to be the provider of the dual-clutch transmission technology produced for the first time in India by our partner (Divgi-TTS). We will be contributing to the country’s turn towards more sustainable mobility and increased driving comfort”, says Dr. Günter EBINGER.

Starting from 2030, according to the government officials, no more cars with combustion engines will be registered in India.

While planetary gear sets in automatic transmissions present higher complexity in production and lower fuel efficiency, existing helical/spur gear production sites for MTs can be reoriented towards producing DCT gears with a similar assembly as standard MTs.

Günter EBINGER remarks that “our cost-optimized design is especially predestined for these cost-sensitive markets. When changing to production and assembly, these similarities help us with a fast shift of production infrastructure from MT to DCT”.

hofer powertrain DCT solutions with high shift dynamics allow direct control of the clutch and synchronizer shift actuation enables swift and easy scalability and calibration of shift speeds. Therefore, we can shape car behavior characteristics, ensuring that drivers can enjoy both comfortable and sportive driving in one car. Here, different attributes of the transmission allow experiencing high performance with lower emissions.


There is undoubtedly more to hofer powertrain – we not only offer different kinds of DCTs but an entire bandwidth of DCT families and hybrids for a full line up of different vehicles.

If you want to find out more about our DCTs or get in touch, visit our website at www.hofer.de

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dual clutch transmission solutions by hofer powertrain ranging from complete development as well as off the shelf DCT solutions for different applications

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