Engineering Solutions

Design & Verification

Development and optimisation of all types of drive technologies from single components to complete systems
Designing realistic and innovative powertrain concepts on the mechanical, electrical, and electronics levels, adapted to your requirements, various design methods, and long-standing engineering expertise help to bring production-ready solutions to life right from the start.
From design, documentation to prompt design release and change management

Our system developers design solutions, avoiding unnecessary steps during development phases through model-based computer-aided design. The simulations can be modeled repeatedly, and the design adjusted according to new calculations for identified deviations from initial estimates. And while design is more than just CAD, we focus on thorough documentation and change management throughout the project and support you in further steps.

Engineering with high degree of functionality & safety

We develop prototypes and production ready systems to your required maturity level, meeting all quality and safety standards, while delivering high functionality and performance. From powertrain components that convert the engine’s power into movement of your car, including different power sources and control software, engineering teams have the right expertise to enable exceptional functional safety even in high-voltage solutions.

Full integration into your vehicle

Integrated development in consideration of the complete system and system´s lifecycle stands at the core of our efforts, enabling most efficient use of space. With ongoing analysis and early detection of issues, allowing timely error correction during the entire development process we help you to reduce development costs and time to market.

360° supplier management

With 40 years of industry experience, we provide overall support in supplier management, making the right choices to achieve the most efficient results in your projects. The efficiency of our partnership with others is measured by taking account of all relevant factors, technically, strategically and economically.




Design & Verification

For all our systems we can offer you specific products as well as development & engineering services from pre-development to SOP & beyond.

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