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We bring ideas to reality – in series, from single modules to complete efficient powertrain systems
Our engineering teams understand powertrain systems and subsystems in detail and consider all individual manufacturing goals from the start, ensuring most efficient solutions for desired quantities. Developing and producing globally we have a dense network of highly qualified contacts at all levels and in all regions.
Successful industrialisation through volume production and all-round production support

Together with strong production partners, hofer powertrain offers customers around the world seamless support in the entire development process all the way to SOP and beyond. Our teams pay close attention to details and consider your individual manufacturing goals right from the beginning of each design phase. Proactive development approaches allow the implementation of the most efficient solutions for your desired quantities, from small numbers for exclusive vehicle fleets to high volumes suitable for the mass market demand.

High level supplier and quality management

Our system developers have established a holistic set of criteria to base and measure our suppliers to provide the right provider for your goal.

We are certified for the automotive market by several German and international OEMs, maintaining our zero-error strategy and customer satisfaction.

Optimised process development

Our ongoing improvement process increases the efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility of our projects. In each project, we closely monitor every step. Gained insights are then looped back throughout our entire product development process and enable our experts to grow their know-how and offer customised processes to realise your solution.





For all our systems we can offer you specific products as well as development & engineering services from pre-development to SOP & beyond.



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