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Concept Simulation & Modelling

Model-based system and solution development approach for rapid modelling, simulation and validation of complex concepts
In developing highly competitive and efficient solutions simulation has become a main enabling factor, relying on early modelling and computer-aided analysis. Finding a theoretical optimum before turning the ideal solutions into real products and systems allows goal-oriented cost-efficient engineering of your drivetrain solutions.
Cost-efficient concepts through calculation-based simulations

Simulations bring key insights that are transferred into the follow-up design cycles, allowing thorough design verification and quick modification until the perfect result is realised. Elaborate computations and precise simulation algorithms continually fine-tune and improve powertrain components and whole systems, moving them successfully from one evaluation phase to the next. Our experts put theoretical optimums to the test first before moving into implementation. Ongoing trials and design verification steps accompany the entire process until the end of all development phases

Dynamic modelling of complex systems

Simulation programs rapidly analyse different application profiles, depending on the entered parameters and deliver further detailed findings of the physical behavior, fuel economy, performance and overall efficiency of vehicle designs. To map specific use cases, an extensive range of simulation models is used as a basis for our simulations. As a result, effective and optimal simulations can be achieved for your specific enquiry.

Best simulation and analysis tools for effective examination of system cross-influences

Considering interplay factors between electrical, mechanical and thermal systems, hofer powertrain uses a broad variety of methods such as efficiency and fuel economy simulations, thermal simulations, FEM analyses, dynamic multi-body vehicle simulations and many more to allow assessments and optimisation of compatibility of components and whole systems, achieving best synergies in your vehicle.




Concept Simulation & Modelling

For all our systems we can offer you specific products as well as development & engineering services from pre-development to SOP & beyond.



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