Electric Drive


Offset Electric Drive

The space saving Electric Drive Unit

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Qualified (VDA/ISO, UDS)
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Parallel gearbox 1-speed, 2-stage, helical spur gears
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Optional features – disconnect clutch, autonomous-ready design
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Oneboard power electronics
The innovative traction inverter features our next generation ONEboard solution which incorporates the drive board and control board on a single PCB. Developed entirely from scratch, our inverter is located centrally above the electric motor.
Performance and features
This modular system with a standardised e-machine presents a highly adaptable solution, consisting of all necessary components in one housing. It offers a typical outer diameter of 220. At the same time, the length of the solution is very variable - 5, 6, or even 8 segments are achievable, so the shape can be adapted to suit the application. It can bring power capacities of up to 180 kW. The packaging of this EDU already provides for the use of a Park Lock as an add-on feature. Likewise, hofer powertrain can install a decoupling unit or a combination of both elements.
Extremely flexible and easy to manufacture gearset, allowing plenty of room for ratio adjustments. We can therefore respond to a wide range of applications and vehicles.
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