Hybrid Drive



Our highly efficient hybrid transmission with an electrical reverse gear for high-performance vehicles

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This solution allows new driving strategies and functions, including engine operating point shift, regenerative braking, and DHT (Dedicated Hybrid Transmission) functionalities. The most beneficial micro geometry concept has been selected with the help of an in-house automated micro screening tool, using reliable algorithms, leading to an excellent NVH behaviour.

Electric motor is used for reverse
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High peak torque combined
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Production optimised
Quality and efficiency are combined with low weight and reduced production costs
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Highly customisable functions
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State-of-the-art production facility
High-end production including assembly, inspection and end-of-line test in our greenfield facility in the UK on 4400m².
Optimized package
The challenge was to balance functional performance with optimal packaging, height, and length, where package space in “Z” meant limited sump depth available. Here, a fully integrated hybrid module offers torque infill capability for optimised acceleration while single peace clutch housing incorporates all elements, reducing the overall number of components for simpler manufacture.
Validated for highest performance
An iterative approach was taken to simulate, test, and validate the system, refining its performance to achieve the acceleration targets. I.e., the sign off on system level in regard to lubrication was achieved on our dynamic test rig.
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