April 12, 2021

hofer powertrain boosts the electrification wave  

In recent years, automakers have been busy developing new vehicle platforms, adopting new technologies to meet emissions targets and satisfying the need for more performance and comfort.
hofer powertrain boosts the electrification wave  

The entire automotive industry, including us, is committed on to the electrification of all vehicle types, with digitalization and functional safety being two major topics, among others.

Our product and service portfolio are dedicated to highly relevant topics in the field of electrification and hybridization since the beginning in the 1980s.  

Electrification of the entire powertrain, maximizing vehicle safety, increasing performance, efficiency and optimizing the weight of e-axles, software development and application in all areas are some of the key topics of our current efforts in developing and implementing the most efficient powertrain solutions.

As a result of the fast-rising electrification wave, increased demand has been seen for reliable and highly accurate test methods and processes, which lead to new insights and enable continuous optimization of electric vehicle batteries and energy storage systems.  

hofer powertrain battery testing

The EV Battery is one of the costliest components in the vehicle and the performance requirements for this high-voltage centrepiece of the electric car are continuously increasing. With this in mind, we have further expanded our test competence centre, in Nürtingen, to strengthen our system expertise with a wide range of standardized and customized tests, detailed 3D measurements, and battery function, abuse, and environmental tests.

By continually developing our battery portfolio, we ensure coverage of all important areas regarding energy storage systems. With modern testing and crash technologies as well as increased test capacities, our teams and experts are well prepared for all the challenges of our customers. The methods utilized in our test centres are highly relevant for more accurate assessments of battery safety for e-mobility.  

"The complex crash analyses, simulations and impact tests carried out here expand our battery test capabilities and ensure even more robust and safer E-battery solutions from hofer powertrain," says Martin MAIER, head of hofer powertrain mechatronics.  

Due to the precision and quality, reliability and knowledge of our engineers and expert teams, we have proven through numerous projects, that hofer powertrain's wide-ranging expertise can help our customers set the automobile industry's pace.  

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